The Problem With God

The Problem With GOD

By Michael Bush

The inspiration to write this comes from sometime in 2005, which year saw the publication of a small but powerful book, God in crisis. The author, Pastor Ben Effiong, who hails from Mbiakong in Uruan local government area of Akwa Ibom State, had timed the public presentation of the book to commemorate his permanent return from South Africa. Nearly two decades since, my memory is still fresh vis-a-vis all that transpired, having served as chairman on the occasion of the book launch. I remember many of those who arrived after the book reviewer, Pastor Bassey Isin, had taken all that trouble, grumbling why anyone should say that God is in crisis.*

This writer faces the exact same conundrum over this entry. Too much hasty misunderstanding and misjudgement. Why go ahead of yourself instead of first getting the full grasp? One Sunday Etim even appeared on the Facebook thread promoting this edition to warn me to tread with caution to avoid having a problem with God.

I found that terribly amusing. I liked it, though. I still do, because clearly his understanding of the same God is different from mine. The problem with God is hydra-headed, multifaceted; such a vexed question.

Before delving into the heart of the matter, let us dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Please, put it on record that what the author tried to communicate in that book is the truth that God is everpresent, to help those in crisis. You require that revelation knowledge to catch the drift of the problem with God.

The problem with God is that He is at once the beginning and the end. About that, no contest, no discussion, no dispute. Even if, such contest, such discussion, such dispute is dead on arrival. Nothing you do or say or don’t do or say changes God.

The problem with God is that He is not around but He is too around. You don’t see Him but He is in charge 25 hours every day. He flaunts nothing, not even His almightiness, His omnipotence, His omnipresence, His omniscience. Yet, things happen as and when they should.

The problem with God is that He finished working and doing and talking and retired to eternity to reign and watch. He left us only the Bible and the Holy Spirit to guide those who truly seek Him. It doesn’t matter what anyone says or does about both, He’s never going to appear physically to defend or prove. Argue or condemn or doubt all you can, God is God.

The problem with God is that He is the only Big Gee in Heaven, on earth, and everywhere else there might be. He owns everyone and everything, up and down, in and out. He is the final authority. He is the only God every other god bows to in worship and submission.

The problem with God is that He’s too loving, too merciful, too patient. He gives to those who think they hate Him as well as to those He knows love Him. He smiles through it all. He knows us more than we know ourselves.

The problem with God is that He never takes advantage. Imagine having the power to do and undo, to say and unsay, but never exercising it. Who does that? God has the power to deal Satan an everlasting technical knockout but God never remembers He has it nor has He ever attempted to display it. So, Satan continues to fool around in empty bravado.

The problem with God is that He is too mindful of man. God loves man more than man loves himself. God loves man more than man loves Him. Man is God’s weakest link.

I was going to say that man is God’s Achilles heel. Those two statements are ungodly and, therefore, withdrawable. Consequently, I hereby take them back. God has neither weakness nor weak(est) link.

The problem with God is that His weakness or weakest link is stronger than man’s or Satan’s strongest. The worst of God is better than any other’s best. The foolishest of Heaven is wiser than the wisest of the earth. It is not for nothing that His Son is called the author and finisher of our faith.

The problem with God is that He is simultaneously physical and spiritual. He controls both realms without ever raising His voice. He sits high up there, away from everyone and everything, watching over His estates. He never interferes.

The problem with God is that discipline. How do you own everyone and everything but never forces your way or will. Who else can evince such uncanny restraint? How is it He never wants to teach some of us who play Him a lesson?

The problem with God is that He never shares His glory. You expect Him one way, He shows up via another. He can answer your prayer by answering it. He can answer it by not answering.

The problem with God is that He can never be pressured or hurried. His time is the best; perfect, willy nilly. If you like, you wait. If you don’t like, He still remains God; no shaking.

The problem with God is the consistency. He is forever fair to all; plus including sinners. You don’t have to please Him to make money. You don’t have to pay Him to obtain success.

The problem with God is that there’s no hate or punishment in Him. You pray, you don’t pray, up to you. Prayer is for man’s good. God never minuses your marks because you failed to pray or fast.

The problem with God is that nothing moves Him. He never gets angry. In fact, He won’t love you more or less. The problem with God is grace!

Nothing can be more summarily frustrating to those who aren’t on the side of God. So, they go about concocting and disseminating points they think would make God a little less or much less. Fortunately for us and unfortunately for them, God can neither reduce nor increase. He is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever.

Alas, the problem that remains with God is that He is permanently looking to bless, never to curse; in spite of and despite what such a one might have done. The problem with God is that He had forgiven all (in advance). The problem with God is that He is desperate -so to say- for everyone to end up saved at the end. The final problem with God is that once saved, forever saved!

God bless Nigeria!

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