Bravo His Excellency: Here is to Finishing StrongšŸ„‚

Bravo His Excellency: Here is to Finishing StrongšŸ„‚

Today, 29th May,2023 the tenure of His Excellency, Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel comes full circle having completed his second term of four(4) years in office as governor of Akwa Ibom State. This is the certainty of time and season. He, like every iconic leader, will be remembered and missed for many things but a few stands glowing for me and these ones form the basis for this goodbye and gratitude message.

Mr. Emmanuel came into office with the singular vision to industrially revolutionize the state. Riding on the steady wheels of the Dakkada mantra, His Excellency is able to transform the one time civil service centred state into an arguably industrial hub. One, that strives with rising/growing industries. A choice destination for investors and entrepreneurs. This is worthy of commendation, as such I say thank you sir.

Peace. It is easy to excuse this seemingly simple phenomena called peace if you have never witnessed a clime without it. Even children born years ago will testify that radio/television stations hitherto flooded with news of kidnapping, killing and maiming of citizens would later have interesting programs for kids to call-in, spell, share knowledge and win prizes simply because peace had long taken the centre stage, expelling rancour and chaos. True to the words of Walt Whitman “Peace is always beautiful”. Our dear state, Akwa Ibom had worn this garment so fitly for eight years, so cheers to peace that breeds progress, development and happiness, cheers!

Time will fail this piece to succinctly capture the many lives touching infrastructural development, driven and executed by this administration’s renaissance. However, worthy of mention is the revolution within the health sector with improved healthcare system, economic development as well as education. Any government that prioritize these sectors, have invested into the future. So for these, we say another thank you, to His Excellency.

Repositioning our cultural and social values was a huge task you wore on your neck as a garland. Especially, considering the fact that the state had an age-long stereotype marred with houseboy/housegirl syndrome. Your administration rewrote this narrative, first, the “Dakkada Creed” was a wake up call to responsibility as it was a mental re-engineering. Then the “State Anthem” was a constant reminder of the greatness within us. The “State Symbol” gave us identity and when we pride ourselves that these symbolic items is putting Akwa Ibom State on the map, your administration’s ingenuity gave the state her “Map”. Ete, sosongo.

Mr. Emmanuel came into the political terrain with near-zero experience in secular politicking. However, he was teachable. He humbled himself to learn from many teachers some of which were way younger than himself in age. He learned still. And today history will be fair to him. His pristine political mastery; devoid of wild and woolly; is the artistry that birthed the golden era in our dear state, this also is uncanny. And yes, another thank you would not be too much.

Goodbye may be the hardest word to say, yet, we are happy and proud even that in finishing, you did it strong. So as the golden era beckons, we look forward with greater enthusiasm. It is common knowledge that gold is the envy of her peer in the league of solid metals of great value. Now let the golden ride begins, shall we?

šŸ¦‹ Abraham Sambo
Writes from Ikot Obio Eket,
Awa Ward Four, Onna local Govt.

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