Onna Thanksgiving and the Glitter of The Golden Boy

Onna Thanksgiving and the Glitter of The Golden Boy

By Osondu Ahirika

Amidst so much fanfare, ceremony and glitter, Onna gave us something to remember as the Pastor Umo Eno/ Akon Eyakenyi Campaign Organisation berthed in Governor Udom Emmanuel’s backyard.

It became at once a celebration of a Governor’s legacy. A valedictory parade and day of a thousand songs. Onna was on total lockdown with admiration, adoration and attachment to His Excellency, Deacon Udom Emmanuel for the summit he has taken Akwa Ibom State to.

Many voices in lovely tribute and beautiful concerts were unanimous in the rendition that, Udom is right after all and has got the job done. It was time to say, ‘Thank You’, and salute the Man who gave his all and leaves a benefaction of peace to his people.

Composed as usual and supported by his amazing wife, Governor Emmanuel was beaming with pride that matched his ginger. It was so easy to see that, even those with grudge will have nothing but praise for him. Yak Abasi odiong Udom Emmanuel, ke anye anam nte Ette!

For Pastor Umo Eno, it was a moment of transfiguration.
The seal of his crowning as preferred successor. Onna rally put a lie to all those blackmailers who said Governor Udom Emmanuel has dissed and dumped him.

This spectacular commemoration became their heartbreak. Onna rally amplified the statement that Pastor Umo Eno is coming. A story of continuity has begun and a new season is here.

The thunder of standing ovation from the unparalleled crowd of supporters was not choreographed. It was spontaneous. A sumptuous feast of honour and glory was being served by the happy people of Onna.

As much as Governor Udom Emmanuel was the celebrator in Chief at Onna, he ensured Akwa Ibom saw the glitter of the Golden Boy. Some call him the Golden Pastor, who will, not only be an intercessor, but a Priest/King that will usher Akwa Ibom into her Golden Era.

The glitter in the sprawling Onna Stadium was genuinely golden. The voices of adulation, chants of appreciation, exultant songs, sounds of blaring music and the thrilling ballyhoo that announced the entry of Governor Udom Emmanuel and his train. All these represented an audacious statement of validation from his people.

Pastor Umo Eno gave his biggest but simplest speech in the course of these campaigns across the 31 Local Government Areas. An ballad of Thanks for the praiseworthy accomplishments of Governor Udom Emmanuel. Indeed, for standing by him and his conviction with persistence against all odds.

Did you just ask what is in it for Onna people? Hmmm! Is that one a question. Onna will have a choice portion of the harvest. Trust Pastor Umo Eno. He will not be ungrateful.

Folks, this is our chance. Make the right choice by voting for Pastor Umo Eno.

Owo isi tuk’ kor Onna!


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