An Encounter.

An Encounter.
By Kyte Usen

According to the new lexicon Webster dictionary, the word Personality, means the total of the psychological, intellectual, emotional and physical characteristics that make up an individual. This refers to how others see the individual.

Most times, judgement calls are made about people, without getting to know the person. Perception is a vital component in asserting ones character, it is not easily achieved from a distance. It is pertinent to mention that to actually understand someone, personal encounter must exist to douse assumptions.

Engineer Chucks Onuoha in one of his reactions about the Personality of Honourable Emem Almond Bob helped buttress the aforesaid when he said.

“Yes, one can’t really say less about Honourable Emem Almond Bob, though I hardly knew him or better not so close, but my stint with him as then regional manager in Fidelity bank and a few casual meetings after was friendly and accommodating. I completely respect his posture and outlook, if you want to go by what we all make of public officials generally. He is never one with air’s, he carries himself with respect and empathy for others, even with the responsibility of office, he constantly makes himself available to his people.”

It is evident that without the personal encounters between Honourable Emem Bob and Engineer Chucks Onuoha, the latter would still be nursing that negative general perception about public officials.

They say that first impression is the only impression, because one might not be given the opportunity for a second impression.

Honourable Emem Almond Bob, dose not have need for a second impression, an encounter with him is always infectious, it is like a smile, that beckons a smile in return.

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