Rt. Hon Eseme Eyiboh – The Merchant of Light

– restores Electricity Supply In Esit Eket, 8 years after total blackout
– Residents witness 12 hours uninterrupted electricity test-run in Esit Eket LGA and Ikot Usoekong Community in Eket LGA

Rt Hon Eseme Eyiboh

The Esit Eket Local Government Area and Ikot Usoekong Community in Eket Local Government Area recently found strength and fulfilment in Genesis 1:3 “And God said, let there be light and there was light” when electricity supply was yesterday Monday January 16, 2023 restored in these communities.

For 8 years, the entire Esit Eket Local Government Area had been grappling with darkness, crippling social and inclement economic upheaval. On account of this perpetual darkness, the area was hit with human capital and investment flights, prompting general despondency and self pity by the indigenes.

On Tuesday December 27, 2022 in a Consultative Town Hall meeting with Etebi group of villages, the quintessential Rt.Hon Eseme Eyiboh in his response to the request for intervention to make the reactivation of Akwa Palm Industry a reality, promised to facilitate enhanced electricity supply after 8 years of darkness to the entire Esit Eket Local Government Area as a boost to any investment decision in the Area. He emphasized that, no meaningful development can take place in any community without electricity supply as the enabler. To ensure his commitment to reset the socio-economic narrative of the community, Hon Eseme Eyiboh promised to facilitate the restoration of electricity in Esit Eket Local Government Area and Ikot Usoekong Community in Eket Local Government Area on or before his February 25, 2023 House of Representatives election. Eyiboh reaffirmed this position in his meeting with Uquo group of Villages and further posited that, it is not the usual electioneering brigandage, He issued a caveat that nobody should vote for him in the February 25 House of Representatives election if the electricity restoration turns out to be a political gimmick.

Today, January 17, 2023, Hon Eseme Eyiboh, the Merchant of Light has worked the talk with the restoration of electricity in Esit Eket Local Government Area.

Again, on December 31,2022 in his Town Hall meeting with Ikot Usoekong group of villages, the 6year old electricity supply menace was brought to the fore and Eyiboh again promised the community enhanced electricity supply as his new year gift on or before February 25th House of Representatives election day.

Today, January 17th, 2023, the people of Esit Eket Local Government Area and Ikot Usoekong Community in Eket Local Government Area has finally heaved a sigh of relief as a-12hour test-run of uninterrupted enhanced electricity supply berthed courtesy of a-talk-and-do brainbox of legislative politics.

On a telephone conversation this morning, Hon Eseme Eyiboh reacted thus: “I’m test running the constitutional legislative oversight responsibility”.

Recall that, recently Rt.Hon Eseme Eyiboh broke the 5year water and reticulation jinx in Eket Timber Market within 72 hours of intervention request.

Today more communities are yearning for “Esemecillin” capsule – a popular political antibiotic formulated to heal development gaps and human capacity deficit. Eyiboh remains the only active ingredient bestriding various electoral constituencies breaking barriers and enthroning sustainable development targets.

Governance is practically the understanding and appreciation of the felt need of the people and not dance drama at campaign grounds or the blasphemy with rice by godfathers and their bigots.

Rt.Hon Eseme Eyiboh “Esemecillin” is able, willing, committed to change the trajectory of our retrogressive history.


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