Governor Udom Emmanuel stoops to Conquer in Oro Nation

Governor Udom Emmanuel stoops to Conquer in Oro Nation

By Osondu Ahirika

I’m not surprised there is deafeaning silence in the camp of his detractors

Folks’, who have seared conscience that cannot afford to extend goodwill or appreciate anything stellar have gone AWOL.

Governor Udom Emmanuel has completed the 1.5km Uko Ntighe bridge along Etebi -Ewang road, which links
Esit Eket and Mbo Local Government Areas.

For the first time ever in known history, people of Afi can now drive to Uko Ntighe and vice versa to school, shop and worship, something that until last month was only achievable through canoes and boats.

The second bridge is 195m long all completed by Governor Udom Emmanuel who met the said Bridges at 35 percent construction level as was inherited from erstwhile Governor, Chief Senator Godswill Akpabio.

What a relief to the people of Mbo. They can now relate with that solemn declaration made by Governor Udom Emmanuel, who said, “I am that Oron Governor you are asking for’.

If this bridge which is believed to be the longest constructed by any State Government were to be executed in neighbouring Rivers State, or any other sister State for that matter, we would have seen noisy, loudmouthed ode’s flying around, hailing the Governor who is responsible.

Taunting Governor Udom Emmanuel asking for the whereabouts of 13 percent derivation funds would have become a chorus.

Now that the irrefutable evidence of a silent achiever is crystal clear, I can understand the pain of silence in the other camp.

Governor Udom Emmanuel has trudged on performing in focused quietism and has swept his critics into mortified mode.

Yet, this is a man they have presented as fighting and marginalising Oro Nation. Now I understand why he never bothered to respond to those misguided accusations of hate for Oro Nation. The clinical accomplishing of this over hyped but abandoned project is a fitting reply to cynics.

This is a true taste of the #CompletionAgenda. Stand up and give His Excellency, Governor Udom Emmanuel the ovation if you have an iota of goodwill left in you.
He has stopped to conquer yet again.

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