The Independent Verification Agent (IVA) team that arrived Akwa Ibom State on 28th December, 2022 to verify the implementation of Nigeria COVID-19 Action Recovery and Economic Stimulus (NG-CARES) Programme, domesticated as AK-CARES, has rounded-off its assignment in the State.

Commissioner for Economic Development, Mr Emem Bob and members of IVA Team

The Federal Government had expressed optimism that the engagement of an Independent Verification Agent for the assessment of the implementation of the NG-CARES Programme by States will yield positive results, and signed a contract with Steigler Services Limited to serve as the IVA for the NG-CARES programme.

On arrival, they held an entry meeting with the Hon. Commissioner for Economic Development and Chairman, State CARES Steering Committee (SCSC) Mr. Emem Bob and some members; the Head and staff of the State CARES Coordinating Unit (SCCU); the Heads of the Delivery Platforms (DPs) and other key Stakeholders of the AK-CARES programme.

Since then, the team had worked with the SCCU and DPs, gathering information, reviewing documents and conducting site visits.

At the end of the exercise in the State, it was expedient for the State CARES Steering Committee (SCSC) and other stakeholders to have an exit meeting with the team before they depart the State.

In a meeting which took place at the Conference Room of the Ministry of Economic Development, the IVA Team had an interactive wrap-up session with the Chairman, Mr. Emem Bob and members of the State CARES Steering Committee, staff of SCCU and Heads of Delivery Platform.

At the end of the interactive engagement, the team commended the State for the work done so far, remarking that the performance of the different Delivery Platforms was good and impressive. Also, the Team proposed the way forward for future Program for Results (PforR) engagement among others.

The Chairman of the Steering Committee, Mr. Emem Bob, commended His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, for his support to the AK-CARES programme, which resulted in the positive assessment from the team. He appreciated the team for the painstaking work done during the past two weeks, expressing his belief that the positive assessment will translate into a sizable re-imbursement to the State.

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Ministry of Economic Development

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