THREE DAYS! May parasites like Ephraim Iyangeyen never arise again in Onna.

It’s been over three days since White Bombom opened the can of worms against Akparawa Ephraim Iyangeyen.

Three days!

Ephraim Inyangeyen

By Isaac Iwang

But till now, Ephraim Iyangeyen has not responded to the allegations, neither has he issued a rejoinder nor denied them.

White Bombom has called his bluff and has even promised Akwa Ibom people that he will release pictures and videos of all of Ephraim Iyangeyen’s properties if the stupendously wealthy former Commissioner were to deny the allegations.

This is the same Ephraim Iyangeyen that some people are supporting to go to the Senate and represent the good people of my Senatorial District.

God forbid!

Even if the slot had been zoned to Onna, why would any Onna person leave an untainted and unblemished character like Hon. Pat Ifon and settle for an endemically Corrupt, innately avaricious, and unfeeling individual like Ephraim Iyangeyen?

Let him deny the allegations raised by White Bombom and prove to the world that he is not Corrupt. Let him dare White Bombom to leak the videos/pictures and locations of his properties to Akwa Ibom people.

White Bombom also openly told the world that Ephraim deducted 10% down payment during compensation payments to owners of houses on the right of way of constructed roads, and appropriated the monies, while refusing to pay valuers. Can Ephraim Iyangeyen deny that?

I bet, even the most passionate supporters of Iyangeyen cannot deny this one too.

In Awa, Mkpok and Ndon Eyo, 10% was compulsorily deducted from all compensation payments to house owners. I challenge anyone here to deny it. Where is the 10%?

What was Iyangeyen’s net worth before 2015?

If he was wise, he should have kept quiet and not accuse another person of corruption because everyone in Akwa Ibom State knows that Ephraim Iyangeyen is irredeemably corrupt, himself.

Look at the nonsense he did at Ndon Eyo.

After marking people’s houses for demolition on the Science School Road, and keeping house owners in suspense for nearly three years, Ephraim did abracadabra and diverted the road without even the courtesy of giving any explanation to those he had earlier displaced and frustrated on the Science School Road. Very arrogant and self-absorbed man.

In saner climes, the owners of houses on the road connecting Ndon Eyo junction from Science School Road ought to have gone to Court to claim damages.

It’s a Shame and a big minus for Ephraim Iyangeyen that when Don Etim was Commissioner for Works, he used the position to enrich and empower Ikot Ekpene and Essien Udim people.

But when our Governor picked a fellow Onna Son as his Works Commissioner, Ephraim Iyangeyen used the position to impoverish, shortchange, insult and humiliate his kith and kin.

If some Onna people have short memories and forget too soon, I am not one of them.

Look at the multi billion Naira properties that he acquired all over the world. Imagine if he had set aside just N2Billion of the loot to empower the youths of Onna, pay scholarships and sponsor some to travel abroad. Imagine the value chain that such act of goodwill would have had on the economy and posterity of Onna.

How can you go back to people you had insulted and shortchanged and ask them to vote for you? The effrontery is provocative.

Why are some people so greedy?

Have you not made enough money already?

Sometimes people should learn from history. Where is Ufot Ekaette today? Where is Akpabio Udo Ukpa today? Where are the other powerful Onna people of yesteryears?

They have all faded into the bottomless belly of history and irrelevance. Same fate will befall Ephraim Iyangeyen someday.

I pray that we will have a more compassionate and altruistic crop of leadership in Onna in future.

May parasites like Ephraim Iyangeyen never arise again in Onna.

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