YPP leaders in recent times have begun to talk like men filled with intoxication of overdose intake of hard drugs and their words stinks like dog vomits

Notably is a man who has many questions to answer from his stewardship as Commissioner for Works in Akwa Ibom State, but has the boldness to come to the public domain and spit venoms of hypocrisy, borne out of fear that he will soon be prosecuted for his corruption activities.

Ephraim Inyang

In his days as commissioner for works, the Akwa Ibom State Government received over five thousand petitions, and for years Governor Udom Emmanuel tolerated his excessive corruptible activities, and public outcry for his removal.

Ephraim returned to Akwa Ibom as a sojourner with a two-bedroom flat he built on Atiku Abubakar way, and even where he lived in Lagos was in a rented apartment in Ogudu GRA.

Today Ephraim Inyang lives in a massive mansion in Shelter Afrique that has its own electricity sub station, tennis court, massive swimming pool, four meeting halls and a bar.
In his compound in Ikot  Ebiere, Onna local government, Ephraim Inyang has six palatial mansions within a landed property that is on over 8 hectares of land. Three of those houses have a basement building.

Within the property there are six different guest flats, a chapel that can accommodate more than a thousand people, and an event center that can take up to two thousand persons.
The house, which is built with well-equipped multi-million naira gym, has a lawn tennis Court and farm house that terminates in a river.

He has also built a palatial mansion in Lagos luxury estate, Banana Island. This house is a 12 rooms Palatial House with three seating rooms and basement building that was constructed with special concrete to withstand fire and bomb explosion. Ephraim Inyang duplicated this same design in Wuse, the Federal capital of Nigeria.

During his days as Commissioner for Works, Ephraim built three major private estates in Shelter Afrique, each of the Estates has 24 three-bedroom flats.

He bought over a private Estate in Ontario, Canada, which consists of over twenty flats for commercial renting, and also bought an 8-room palatial house for his family,, two sitting room and three different swimming pools. Ephraim Inyang purchased a palatial mansion, with a basement in Garrett Mansions, it is the latest phase in the brand-new West End Gate development, in London. This is the mansion his first daughter is living, and this lady is the custodian of most funds Ephraim Inyang launders from Akwa Ibom State Government.

Notoriously, Ephraim Inyang also has property in Houston, Texas which serves as his second home, a house purchased in 2018 in Gottesman Residential Estate.

Within this period, Ephraim Inyang has also acquired two vessels from a Russian ship builders and Seaport construction company, Amur Shipbuilding Plant. Down in Ifa Ikot Okpon Ephraim Inyang owns an Estate that has 36 three-bedroom flats and uncountable landed properties scatter across Nigeria.

Ephraim Inyang bought one of those landed properties on Oron Road opposite the Nyong Essien Monument with the sum of two hundred and twenty million naira, but one of the owners of the landed property took him to court to increase purchase sum to 350m Naira, and they are still in court.

In six years of Ephraim Inyangeyen’s stewardship at the Ministry of Works, he deducted ten percent from each property compensation paid. He claimed the purpose for this deduction was to pay third-party property valuers, that were supposedly contracted by properties owners. To show how corrupt Ephraim Inyang has been, throughout his days as Commissioner for Works, he banned third-party valuers from valuing properties for owners but deducts their fees from all paid compensation.

The private Estate Valuers had petitioned him, took him to court, but still, he bluntly refused to remit those deductions back to properties owners. During his last audit check of those deductions, Ephraim had embezzled over 17 billion Naira.

Ephraim Inyang who is a bully, denied many communities, funds that were budgeted for them for payment of compensation for economic crops and communities artifacts. In most remote villages, he will ask the old women and men to provide their national ID cards before they could claim their funds.
Due to this process, in each Project, Ephraim Inyang always go home with more than half of funds allotted for the payment of compensation for economic crops, trees and artifacts.

Ephraim Inyang usually bullied many contractors who have completed their jobs, refused to pay them and embezzled the funds.

Let me used a project to make a typical example of such fraud, the 1 km Road of the Redeem Church in Afaha Atai, in Ibesikpo Local Government Area, the job was completed five years ago, the Contractor, a Syrian, was forced out of Nigeria by Ephraim Inyang, and he paid the funds for the contract to himself.

Ephraim Inyang as Commissioner for Works, destroyed wholly due process and code of conduct of approving officer of a Ministry. The code of conduct disallows an approving officer of a Ministry from owning companies he or she awards contracts to. Akwa Ibom people should ask Ephraim Inyang who is the owner of the company that constructed the Atan Offot Road? For that project, Austin his brother from Onna, now at large in UK, alongside Ephraim conspired and embezzled over 4.7 billion Naira of the project sum? It was out of the public outcry that the Governor, Udom Emmanuel, aborted the contract and handed it to Amectex Construction to complete the project.

Ephraim throughout his days as Commissioner never allowed the real sum of any valued property paid to owners. Apart from the ten percent he claimed to have deducted for third-Party valuers, he ensures at least 15 percent of the valued sum is deducted. He presented the correct list of valuation for the Governor’s approval, and thereafter presented another list of deducted valuation for payment to property owners.

Basically, it was the duty of Ministry of Lands to value and pay, but Ephraim Inyang as Commissioner for Works blocked the Ministry of Lands from doing their legitimate duties and blackmailed the Ministry of connivance with Valuers so that he could take full charge of embezzling the funds.

Akwa Ibom people can see now why Mr. Ephraim Inyang merits conviction and why he is haunted by the ghost of his atrocities. Ephraim Inyang has over seven major cases with EFCC and about three with ICPC and if tomorrow he is convicted, Nigerians will probably blame the Governor of witch-hunting. Most of these petitions were written by Estate Valuers and contracting firms, he embezzled their contract fees.

If Ephraim Inyang is not on hard drugs influence, he would have quietly run himself politically aground without trying to bring a reputation of a man that have condoned so much financial recklessness and excessive abuse of office from him. The former Customs officer who was power drunk, had caused the Government of Akwa Ibom more litigation expenses than any Government official since the creation of Akwa Ibom State.

Let’s consider a one-storey building at Mbioto 2, Etinan local government area, belonging to Engr Bassey Anthony, a retired director of the Akwa Ibom Water Board. The house was never in the alignment of the Road project, but he ordered for demolition of part of the building. Until today the house is standing collapsed by one side and the road, about 200 Meters away from the Road. Engr Bassey died two weeks after Ephraim demolished that building without any compensation paid until today. During one of Engr Bassey Anthony’s visits to Ephraim Inyang, he ordered his police security to beat up the old man.

For these and more atrocious acts, it is not surprising that Ephraim is the only member in the Akwa Ibom State Executive Council since the creation of the state to be discharged outrightly and clearly on the basis of incompetence and poor showing in office. A man with such a testimonial should not be talking where sane people reside.

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