Our Man, Emem Bob (3)

Our Man, Emem Bob (3)

by Kyte Usen

If ever there was Doubt, surrounding the confidence of the ONNA people on the People Democratic Party PDP, if the people of ONNA local government area harboured distrust in their representatives and the actualisation of dividends of democracy, under this administration, Honourable Emem Almond Bob has performed excellently in erasing it completely, obliterating all elements of mistrust and doubt through dialogue and resolutions.

Mr Emem Almond Bob
Honourable Commissioner Ministry of Economic Development
Akwa Ibom State

His influence in the political space of the ONNA people has had the effect of a unifier. ONNA has resolved to vote for PDP, there is no gain saying, the fact that ONNA, isn’t ready for any form of romance with any other political party. Honourable Emem Bob’s administration is not just people oriented but purpose driven.
The entire ONNA people are greateful to the People Democratic Party PDP leadership under Governor Udom Emmanuel, we wouldn’t have had a better person from kin representing, what will be indelibly imprinted in the sands of time as one of the best from his peers.
Emem Bob has been able to discover the road to unity in ONNA, that is now leading all to the final destination, which is victory for PDP.

Truly, if success were to be a distance, it would be right to say that Honourable Emem Bob, has covered the distance in his short spell.

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