Udom Word Challenge 2022: Given the chance, to say something meritorious about your alma mater, what would it be?

Given the chance, to say something meritorious about your alma mater, what would it be?

I know that thought, we all came from prestigious secondary schools… As a student there is always that feeling that your school is better than another, especially when you encounter students from those other schools.

This is a natural feeling, and although it was often spiced with a sense of bias, it was this feeling that drove our passion for excellence, zeal to succeed and even neatness in appearance in the days.

Yes, you heard that.
How old do you think I am? Do not guess.

However, competitions are a revealer, from inter school Science competitions, debates, sports, to cultural displays and match passes during Children’s Day and other national holidays, competitions gave us the battlefield to bring our “A-games” to fore. Usually, if our schools emerges winners, we solidify our collective sense of pride, but if we loses, well, there is always another time to battle again.

Everyone has and still have this feeling, and without a doubt, winning is sweet…

As at the time of this post, we are 2Days, 18hours and 12minutes from the Closure/Award Presentation of the maiden edition of Onna Inter School Scrabble Competition and in the rituals of competitions, our students are ready to battle it out on the tiles-and-board word game.

Closure/Award Presentation
Venue: QIC Senior Science Secondary School, Ndon Eyo, ONNA
Date: 24th of November, 2022
Time: 9am prompt

Check the attached grouping for your school/alma mater and if you are not very busy, come cheer your school to victory.

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