It’s Dr Nathaniel Adiakpan’s Day

It’s Dr Nathaniel Adiakpan’s Day

®Moses Eskor

Today I Was Privileged To Attend And Witness The Birthday Celebration Of Dr Nathaniel Adiakpan, Permanent Secretary To The Governor Akwa Ibom State At Leprosy Hospital Ekpene Obom Etinan Local Government Area

Dr. Nathaniel Adiakpan

To Dr Adiakpan’s Family And Friends This Is An Annual Event As Dr Adiakpan Spends His Birthday Every Year With These Sick , Handicap And Less Privileged Inmates Of This Hospital.

Dr Adiakpan And His Wife Wife Mrs Adiakpan Took Time To Express Gratitude To GOD ALMIGHTY For His Life And Good Health, Mrs Adiakpan Thanked GOD For GOD’s Grace On Her Family.

The Two Inmates Of The Hospital Eka Udeme And Mr Okon Thanked Dr Adiakpan And Family For Always Being There For The Inmates Of The Leprosy Hospital Saying That They Have Been Surviving On The Benevolence Of Dr Adiakpan For Years Now.

Eka Udeme Said That Dr Adiakpan Has Been Answering Their Distress Calls And Funding Their Emergencies For Years
The Inmates Prayed For Dr Adiakpan And Family, They Also Prayed For Pastor Umo Bassey Eno Who Send Gifts To Them Through Dr Adiakpan.

ME: May GOD ALMIGHTY Continue To Bless Dr Nathaniel Adiakpan And Family In JESUS Name AMEN.

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