Mr. Emem Almond Bob, Commissioner Ministry of Economic Development Akwa Ibom State


They say that a good name is better than silver or gold, that is why in our clime, our fathers would always lay emphasis on the need to keep the family name clean. We were also informed that the first impression, is the only impression, because most times, we won’t be given the opportunity to create a second impression.

The new lexicon Webster dictionary describes the character as the total quantity of a person’s behaviour as revealed in his habits of thought and expression, his attitude and interests, his actions and personal philosophy of life. The reason again our fathers hammered is that we should never expose ourselves to the wrong perception of character.
Judging by his antecedents, Honourable Emem Bob, commissioner for Economic Development Akwa Ibom State through his display of attitude and by public perception can be one found with a good character. In the organised private sector, where he worked for several years he grew and excelled in the banking sector, a feat not achievable without the character of purpose.

Again, his nomination for the post of commissioner in Akwa Ibom State, by Governor Udom Emmanuel, and his subsequent clearance by the state house of assembly and appointment as commissioner for Economic Development, speaks volumes of his dynamic combinations of attitude, experience and commitment to duty.

They also say that a goldfish has no hiding place, this adage, reflects the life of Hon. Emem Bob, after a few months as a commissioner, through his actions, there is now a strong feeling of delight amongst the great people of Akwa Ibom State and ONNA in particular.
A great brand has no need for a fuss, Hon. Emem Bob has always been a great brand, our brand, tested and trusted, he is an ONNA man, our own man.

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