The absence of gravity in space creates so many problems for astronauts. Here are some of the problems astronauts face in space:

1. They can’t cry. If they cry, the tears won’t fall because there is no gravity. Instead of falling, the tears gather below their eye lids like a ball of water. Shedding tears in space would be just as painful as whatever made you shed tears.

2. They can’t follow normal sleep cycle. The patter of day and night in space is quite different from what we have on Earth. Before going to space, astronauts are first trained on how to sleep in space.

3. Women going to space use contraceptives to stop their period. Most of them don’t want to have to deal with the stressful hygiene of periods in space, so they put the period on hold for at least 6 months and if they are travelling to Mars, they may have to put the menstruation on hold for at least 3 years. But they have to consult the space surgeon first.

4. They can’t have sex. You need gravity to have sex. For those finding it hard to be chaste, a long stay in space will fix your lust. 😜

5. Astronauts lose their sense of taste after a long stay in space. Their taste buds usually lose touch with food and drink.

6. They drink their bath water and other waste water. Transporting water to space is quantumly expensive. So, astronauts recycle their urine and other waste water for drinking. Are you irritated? They say the purification process is so advanced that the recycled waste water is a thousand time cleaner than the so called clean water we drink on Earth.

7. Normal pens can’t work in space. It’s gravity that makes ink flow to the tip of a pen, and since there is no gravity in space, ink in pens won’t flow to the tip of the pen. This is why astronauts have special pens designed with a pressure system that pushes ink to the tip of the pen.

Source: #apotheosisofknowledgefacts

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