Hon. Nda Nda presenting a new pair of football boot to Hon Kingsley Johnny, president of Coastal Allstars SC Onna



It was a 17th century British poet and romanticist Lord George Byron who posited that “All who would win joy, must share it; happiness was born a twin.” By this statement one will see the emptiness of life if one lives it only for oneself.

It is in the light of the above accession that Hon. Nda Nda – Football Association President Onna and President Lions Club Eket – decided to exemplify shared joy by living for his teammates at the Coastal Allstars SC Onna.

The second half of the game which usually takes place at the clubhouse witness the one time Secretary to the Local Government Council presenting brand new football boots he procured for some members of his club. Hon. Nda’s gesture came on the heels of the need gap. According to him, “more boots will come”.

Responding on behalf of all the beneficiaries Prince Udoetuk appreciated the Elder for his magnanimous generosity, pledging that he and the other beneficiaries will make good use of the football boots.

The clubhouse came alive with the symphony coming from the blend of traditional drums and melodious chants, indeed, Allstars is a place to be.

…for the love of the game.

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