Let’s ENGAGE for the good of all as 2023 approaches!

Josiah Ufot Josiah PhD

Let’s ENGAGE as 2023 approaches!

Brethren, it is our sunrise. Needless to dwell on the glories of past victories or regret the failings of old, the grand God of all creation has been faithful and merciful.

“…LORD’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not” Lamentations 3:22.

As recipients of such great a compassion, we must learn that however heavy our lost may weigh, it cannot outweigh the glorious future with which we look forward to with enthusiasm.

Histories are archived on the annals of time past and lacks the quality of dynamism and change, however, the sunrise is a promise of a new day, a time to shape a brighter future.

Let’s RISE.
We must rise from the dark caves of violence, chaos and social vices into the bright years of peace that breeds economic, intellectual and material prosperity. Let us therefore rise from the idle state of
cynicism and come to the table of reasoning. We must lend our quota to nation and regional building
and do same with sound character, peace and mutual justice. It is time to present a formidable front, reputable enough to earn us the respect of the world without losing our national and regional identity.

Let’s dare to DREAM.
As a people so greatly blessed, we have no better time than now for collective dreaming. When we
collectively dream, we will lay aside our individual interests and employ the instrument of strategic longterm planning in whatever area of endeavours that will birth the kind of birthplace that hitherto existed
in our fantasies.

The Nigeria…Akwa Ibom and even Onna that we can proudly call ours. Beyond criticism, we must be willing to pay the price for true self realization, where peace, love and justice will be planted in our hearts as true values. Then vision, passion and character will midwife power. And when we
become our true selves, we will naturally be leaders.


My name is Josiah Ufot Josiah.

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