VENERABLE DAVID UDONSEK: The man with the larger heart!

Ven. David Udonsek and the Local Organizing Committee of David Udonsek Grassroot Football Tournament

VENERABLE DAVID UDONSEK: The man with the larger heart!

Just before the kicked off The Federated ONNA Students of Nigeria (Foson) awarded Venerable David Udonsek with award tagged “Uwanna Ndito Ufoknwed ONNA”

In few months ago the people of Ikot Ebidang and the entire ONNA Local government gathered to roll drums and sing praises to express their excitement over the gesture exhibited by _Venerable David Kelvilintus Udonsek_ as he single handedly donated transformer and other electrical appliances for the electrification of Ikot Ebidang village in ONNA which had been in total blackout for over 16years

But while the people are yet to get over the excitement, VEN. DAVID UDONSEK, again have lunched a PEACE CUP football tournament to foster peace and continuous love among the people of ONNA and to compliment the Maintain Peace Movement of the Governor Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel administration.

The tournament he personally performed kick off on the 5th December 2021 in the opening ceremony at the Akpabio Udo Ukpa Sports Stadium ONNA LGA is aiming at hunting and discovering young talents at the grassroot level in all the villages of ONNA, to showcase them to the national and the international football platforms. In his opening speech at the ceremony, Udonsek opined that talents discovered at tender ages are easy to nurture into marketable stars for the world which can also enhance sport revolution in Nigeria.

In his words he said “when you catch them young, you can groom them into the stars that can compete with other stars in the rest of the world”. Ven. Udonsek also clearly stated he decided to Mastermind and single handedly sponsor the grass root sports tournament to discover talents and to keep the youths busy with what they know how to do best in order to tactically address the issue of restiveness among youths in ONNA if the Maintain Peace Movement (MPM) campaign of governor Mr. Udom Emmanuel must be effective and productive. He stated also that peace can not be obtained where the youths are idle without a thing to keep their minds and hands busy.

The Peace Cup tournament is here to stay according to the host, it would become an annual event in ONNA and almost a tradition at a very long run by the grace of God as he keeps strengthening the host with the needed resources which comes with huge financial implication to actualize it. When asked why he chooses to be so generous to his people always not minding the fact he is not holding and has never held any political office, Udonsek just simply smiled and responded “leadership is not only in an office, it is a calling, and God gives the gift of quality leadership devoid of position or an office”

With this response, it is obvious and clear Ven. David Udonsek is a man with the largest heart for his people and a great supporter of the growth of Akwa Ibom State. If he does all these even without an office, what then could one expect if he is given one?.

I now leave the entire people of ONNA with this sensitive question for an answer

Yak Ison odot Ukana.

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