As the election of a 25 years old youth, Mohammed Suleiman into PDP National Working Committee has continued to evoke positive reactions, I feel it’s ethical not to shy away from making contributions to such conversations for the growth and development of the youths.

For rational thinkers, his emergence have sent a clear signal to the public that the Nigerian conservative ruling class is ready to advance the progressive cause of change with paradigm shift to the younger generation.

As a formidable party, PDP is set for the real deal, because the interest of the youths have been vividly defined with a round peg in a round hole.

Apparently, it is quite strategic, inspirational and highly commendable that our party have done this to reinvent itself and relaunch into the centre.

The impact of this, has changed the political calculus, stereotype and prejudice of describing the youths as pawns in the power chessboard.

It has set a new agenda for other parties to emulate, in order to curry massive support from the younger generation that constitute the highest number in terms of population ratio.

From his profile, the young Suleiman is a product of self belief and audaciousness. Yet, the sailent point and untold story is that, the leaders of his home State, Kaduna and Northwest geopolitical zone accepted his aspiration, nurtured and pushed it forward for the entire party to buy in despite age disparity. On this strength, it is my conviction that similar affection, support and encouragement can be domesticated here in our various communities and local government areas through mentorship programs and leadership prepping.

As an advocate of youth inclusion in leadership, preparation is a precursor to performance. The youths must acquire necessary training and retraining for leadership competency and enhancement.

Any society that wants to relegate or undermine the joint strength and increasing population of the youth demographics is heading to doom.

The youth sector must always be ORGANIZED under a command instead of BALKANIZED by contending forces, UNITED by purpose instead of FACTIONALIZED by interests, and above all, its leadership should not be defined by docility as a conquered system through constant manipulation by the elite political class, that are seeking their private political objectives.

Nevertheless, youths who are passionate about leadership must also know that, leadership is a responsibility of trust, which must be earned and accounted for.

No reasonable system will be willing to transfer such important responsibility to youths with character deficiency.

Drawing home all my points, let it be known that Akwa Ibom youths have sincerely responded to the promptings of the Dakkada philosophy brought by our dear governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, and are now ready to access greater opportunities, based on capacity development, mental confidence, character capital and group solidarity.

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