Teachers Welfare, so neglected

Those who brought School Education to us built houses for Teachers in the school compound so that they’ll be closer to the learners.

These teachers’ houses were the best in such communities. There were also different flats for senior and junior members of staff. Teachers were preachers, counsellors, administrators and well respected models.

Education in schools were attractive. Learners then were rewarded with scholarships while studying and employments at graduation.

Now, what? You cannot build houses for teachers. Yes. This is because, some of them already have decent homes as compared to what the contractors might build. And the cost of building one Government’s building today, can actually build three.

To bring the teachers closer to the learners: allocate;
1. Motorcycles for staff on salary grade level 1-4;
2. Four plugs engine saloon car for SGL 5-8;
3. Six plugs engine saloon car for SGL 9-12;
4. Mini Jeeps should be given to Teachers on SGL 13-16; and
5. Jeeps to those on SGL 17 and above.

In addition, school education managers should redesign the curriculum to teach the road side skills as well. Group and groom learners with respect to their interest. For example;
1. Would be politicians should concentrate more on studying social studies, History, and government;
2. Would be athletes should be concentrating more on Physical and Health Education
3. Journalist should study the languages e.g. Ibibio, Annang, Oron, Ekid, Ibeno, etc.
4. Engineers should learn the trades (e.g. carpentry, welding, barbing, etc.) in school
5. Mathematics and the nation’s or world’s official language should be made compulsory.
6. The best 1-10, of each class should be the only ones accepted as teachers at graduation.

Give contracts in schools to teachers; in courts, contracts should be given to lawyers; in hospitals, give contracts to the medical personnels.

If we’re to have education in schools, do what is needful to give those teaching confidence. Their confidence is what you need most to attend the desired results. Thank you.

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