General U. J. Esuene

… A Captivating and Powerful Story That Will Put You On the Edge of Your Seat and Leave You Wanting More.

General Udokaha Jacob Esuene (1936 – 1993) was a freedom fighter, brave, high-spirited, courageous, honourable; dashing and gallant Nigerian air force officer who was Military Governor of South-Eastern State (later renamed Cross River State) between May 1967 and July 1975 during the military regime of General Yakubu Gowon. He was the first governor after the state was formed in May 1967 when Eastern Region was split into East-Central State, Rivers State and South-Eastern states.

Esuene, who was of Ekid Ethnicity in Ibibio Nation was a fighter pilot before being appointed Governor of South-Eastern State. He became a military governor for seven years, reigning over what is now Akwa Ibom and Cross River states. Esuene was unjustly dismissed from the military by General Murtala Muhammed when he seized power in July 1975. He was charged but not found guilt of illegally enriching himself while in office. He brought Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited and other companies to the area which are still in operations till date.

The dismissal was, however, reversed by the Armed Forces Ruling Council led by the then Military President; General Ibrahim Babaginda. General Esuene’s rank and benefits were restored and backdated to 1975.

In 1982 he joined the Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) and emerge the Governorship candidate for 1983 election in Cross River State. In the run-up to the 1993 presidential election, he was an Aspirant for the presidential ticket of the Social Democratic Party (SDP).

General Esuene body measurements were as follows.
Height in Meters was 1.45 m. Weight in Kilograms was 52 Kg. Body Measurements including Chest Size was 46-31-19 Inches. Waist Size 33 Inches. Biceps Size 15 Inches. Hair Color- Black. Eye Color-Dark Black. He had a very nice body build.

Although his salary was not known by this writer, his net worth is that we can confidently say that he was a Millionaire till death. He was happily married to Sen. Bishop Helen Esuene and the marriage was blessed with children.

Now to the crux of the fictional story. During the Nigeria civil war, General Esuene played a very active role in defending the South Eastern (Akwa Cross) territory. According to numerous story sources, he had mysterious ways to get back at oppressor men, the Biafran Army

The first story has it that on one occasion, General Esuene transform himself to a poisonous ripe orange tree in the battlefield, so when the oppressors, more than 1,600 Biafran soldiers ate the fruits thereof, they all died instantly.

The second story has it that in another occasion, the jet fighter flown by General Esuene to bombard the territories already captured by Biafran Army in some South Eastern territories was gunned down but the general mysteriously transform himself to an eagle and flew out of the crashing jet bombardier at Itu LGA where the gullies and land marks of explosion is still visible till today.

Another story has it that when the Biafran Government heared that he (Esuene) was killing Biafran Army which he perceive as the oppressors and enemies of Akwa Cross people, the highest Biafra military command led by Colonel Ojukwu went to his residence along Marina Road in Eket with another 2,500 soldiers. On Sighting them from his room, the mysterious general transform himself once again to a very old woman, then walk towards the oppressor men. When they enquire about her son (Esuene), she pointed at a room of the house. While moving few steps away, they discovered that the old woman had disappeared and the 1,500 died from a mysterious gas smell that emanated from his room. Leaving Colonel Ojukwu as the only survivor who was also fortified in his own way.

Finally, when the news about the sudden invasion and unholy alliance between Biafra and Cameroon Government to use Bakasi peninsula via Oron to lunch a deadly attack then capture South Eastern Nigeria, the mysterious general again dive into Calabar River and transform himself to a Big Sea Whale, then began tumbling the waters, capsizing and sinking all the boats that carried over 6,000 soldiers, weaponry, foodstuffs and medicals.

This final mysterious outslaught by General Esuene actually marked the end of Nigeria civil war that year because majority of weaponry were shipped by France via Cameroon into Nigeria in exchange for Oil from the South Eastern Nigeria.

No wonder Nigerians are anxiously waiting for the immortalization of the Man, General UDOKAHA ESUENE by Ekid People’s Union with his status mounted at Eket plaza, former post office circus.

A good name is better than many riches. The labour of our heroes shall never be in vain.

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